Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum is a scientific periodical journal published by the Sharia Faculty of the Metro Islamic State Institute (IAIN). The name Istinbath is taken from the name of a person who deserves rest, that is, a legal expert who knows and masters the rules. They are required to master the sources of law such as the Koran, Sunnah, Ijma ', the opinion of Friends, Qiyas, Masalih mursalah, Jurisprudence, laws, and other regulations by obtaining the consent of other scholars because of the consideration of the existing knowledge of the jurist. The adoption of Istinbath into the name of the journal is expected to transform the thoughts of the writers so that they can devote their thoughts based on legal sources. The manager welcomes contributions in the form of articles from scientists, lecturers, professional scholars, and researchers in a multidisciplinary specialist science in legal studies and studies.

Vol 17 No 2 (2020): Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum

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Vision, Mission, and Goals

Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum vision is "To be one of the main references in the field of academic study of law, both nationally and internationally." This vision is periodically and will be achieved step by step. This can be seen from the development istinbath Law Journal of publications to the next issue.
Mission of Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum is "As enlightenment media law studies in solving problems of social, political, and religious." Knitted sake knitted istinbath mission to bring the Law Journal recorded in every edition published. The themes used in each edition reflects a commitment to search for a solution of the humanitarian dimension of the dynamics of social, political, and keagaman.
Publishing the journal more intended to safeguard the institution's commitment to the knowledge acquired, so that publishing the journal more of an effort to improve the institutional image.revieweing and editing we will publish your article twice in may and november every year. This journal has been indexted by Reputable Indexing Association.