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Author Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

Akademika : Jurnal Pemikiran Islam

(Updated 2022)


General Instruction

Manuscript to be sent for publication in the Akademika : Jurnal Pemikiran Islam should be based on results of recent research, either of the quantitative approach or qualitative, involving children of the early-childhood school level to students of the university  as  research  subjects in either formal, informal, or nonformal educational streams.

Manuscripts can be written in Indonesian or English. The writer is advised to  maintain accuracy including, for example, the use of a proofreader’s services. The body of the manuscript can be writtten either in English or Indonesian, however the title, abstract,  and keywords are written in both languages especially for Indonesian writers. The language and styles used in the body of the manuscript are to be considered as one aspect of manuscript evaluation.  Authors are strongly suggested to carefully check the manuscript and send the manuscript to a reliable language editor prior to the submission of the manuscript. Secondly, authors have the responsibility to avoid plagiarism at all cost. The editor of Akademika : Jurnal Pemikiran Islam examines resemblance of texts using a computer software (e.g., Turnitin), allowing tolerance not more than 20%.

In general, an article is between 5,000 and 8.000 words in length including the title, abstract, tables, and references. The article is typed on the Microsoft Word with a line space of 1.5, font type Book Antiqua, font size 12, in one column  of the .doc format, .docx,  or .rtf (not of the pdf. format). Page numbers are not needed.

The body of the article consists of four main sections;  namely:  introduction,  method, findings and discussion, and conclusion.  Length-wise weighting for each section: introduction (20%),  method (10%), findings and discussion (60%), and conclusion (10%). . Reference list is also an important part of the article. It is advisable  to include only internationally accessible, reliable and reputable references.

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