Focus and Scope

Pedagogy: Journal of English Language Teaching is dedicated to exploring the intersection of English Language Teaching (ELT) with micro-level contexts, including but not limited to religiously-affiliated schools, and examining the influences of religiosity and ethno-pedagogy on language learning, teaching practices, and educational policies.

Micro-Level Contexts: Our journal seeks to investigate ELT practices within specific micro-level contexts, such as religiously-affiliated schools, community language programs, heritage language schools, and other localized educational settings.

Religiosity and Language Education: We invite contributions that explore the intersections of religiosity and language education, examining how religious beliefs, values, and practices influence language teaching methodologies, curriculum design, and classroom interactions.

Ethno-Pedagogy: Our journal aims to promote discussions on ethno-pedagogy, which refers to pedagogical approaches that are grounded in the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of learners. We welcome studies that investigate culturally responsive teaching practices, culturally relevant curriculum development, and the integration of students' ethno-cultural knowledge and experiences into the language classroom.