Journal History

Elementary : jurnal ilmiah pendidikan dasar was established by Islamic Elementary School Teacher (Pendidikan Guru Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, PGMI) Department, Faculty of Tarbiya and Teacher Training, State Islamic Institute Metro, Lampung on March 2015. This was attempted to socialize, share and spread scholarly writings which are based on researches on elementary education. Soon after its establishment, its first edition consisting eight scientific articles was published in June 2015. The existence of Elementary, with all of its efforts to be better journal, gains positive and supportive recognition from many researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, professionals and those who are involved, concerned and dedicated to develop the field of elementary education in Indonesia. The office of Elementary journal is at Rumah Jurnal IAIN Metro, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, 15 A Iring Mulyo, Metro City, Lampung, Indonesia. Its International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is 2477-1384. Elementary is an Open Journal System (OJS) that can be freely accessed in 
Vision, Mission and Goal 
The vision of Elementary : jurnal ilmiah pendidikan dasar is “to be an academically prominent and trusted reference for any kind of studies and practices related to elementary education both in regional, national and international scope. 
The missions for achieving the vision are: 1) providing the widest possible extent for scientific publication of scholars, researchers, educators and practitioners. 2) Applying in-depth selectionto eliminate plagiarism practices in scientific writing. 3) Implementing the journal development and betterment continuously. 
The publication of Elementary is to keep the institution’s commitment to the knowledge development. It could be considered as the way of exchanging knowledge, particularly in the field of elementary education, for all scholars. The existence of this journal shows the efforts of the institution in socializing brilliant ideas in order to set the knowledge hand-in-hand with the fast development of era.