Preprint Policy

Tapis : Jurnal Penelitian Ilmiah supportive preprint policy encourages full open access at all stages of a research paper, to share and generate the knowledge researchers need to support their work. Authors publishing in Tapis : Jurnal Penelitian Ilmiah may share their work, ahead of submission to a peer-reviewed journal, on repositories or pre-print servers (such as ArXiv, PeerJ Preprints, OSF and others), provided that the server imposes no restrictions upon the author's full copyright and re-use rights. Correct attribution of this original source must be included on submission. If the article is published, authors are then strongly encouraged to link from the preprint server to the Tapis : Jurnal Penelitian Ilmiah to enable readers to find, access and cite the final peer-reviewed version. Please note that we cannot consider for publication content that has been previously published, or is already under review, within a scientific journal, book or similar entity.