Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum is Open Journal of Law, a Journal that contains legal-based scientific papers. Published by Sharia Faculty of Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro. Now has been acredited with Sinta 3, and in preparation for reacreditation to Sinta 2. It is published twice a year in Juni and December. Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum is a periodical publication of scientific articles containing thematic laws with various approaches in the scope of law, both Positive Law and Islamic Law. Journals are published in print and online. Istinbath Journal of Law is published by the Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro, Faculty of Sharia. Istinbath : Jurnal Hukum  is published as an attempt to socialize scientific studies in the form of literature review articles and research results related to the law.