Journal History
An-Nabighoh is published by the Arabic Language Education (PBA) Program Faculty of Tarbiyah and the Science of Teacher of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Metro. An-Nabighoh Journal of Arabic Language Education and Learning was published as an attempt to communicate scientific studies of Arabic language education and learning written in Arabic.
An-Nabighoh Secretariat Journal of Arabic Education and Learning is located at Journal of IAIN Metro Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, 15 A Iring Mulyo, Metro City.
Address OJS An-Nabighoh Journal of Arabic Education and Learning is
The management of An-Nabighoh was originally managed by Tarbiyah STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro, in line with the change of status of STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro into IAIN Metro, the management of journals is managed by Arabic Language Study Program (PBA).
P-ISSN: 1907-1183     E-ISSN: 2581-2815