ISTINBATH (P-ISSN: 1829-8117; e-ISSN: 2527-3973 is the journal of the Faculty of Sharia and Law Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Metro continuously published every six (6) months without thematic in May and November in Indonesia . this journal was conceived as a vehicle for the dialectic of scientific beings academic in the study of law, especially in relation normativity and historicity of both the Islamic perspective and in general. Editors invite experts, researchers and academics to invest his mind in the form of research or in-depth review in accordance disciplines that occupied . the manuscript in question is original and has not been published in other media. Editors reserve the right to select text entry and editing without losing the substance of the idea of ​​the author. name istinbath taken from the designation of the eligible berstinbat are jurists (scholars of fiqh), those who really know and master maxims. They are required to master the sources of Islamic law, ie: the Qur'an, Sunnah, ijma 'opinions (aqwal) Companions of the Prophet, Qiyas, Masalih mursalah, Jurisprudence and others. and got perstujuan of other scholars due consideration of existing knowledge on these jurists. Adoption istinbath be expected to transform the journal names of thought the authors in order to devote thought that based on legal sources. Istinbath first published in 2004 with a letter Keputurusan Chairman Jurai Siwo STAIN Metro. Business welcomes contributions in the form of articles of scientists, scholars, professionals, and researchers in scientific disciplines in the study of law and legal studies either positive or Islamic law to be published and disseminated after going through a selection mechanism manuscript, study bebestari partners, and the editing process. We hope, publish articles that can make a significant contribution and impact broadly on the scientific paradigm shift in the study of law and legal studies either positive or Islamic law. Istinbath publishes scientific papers cling to the values ​​and ethics of scientific publications as well as the entire process in which a professionally managed and accountable. Istinbath committed explicitly to impose sanctions if during the publication process there are things that violate the rules on publication ethics and academic norms. Istinbath indexer has indexed in institutions of repute. Contributions manuscript can be sent via email: or
Journal History
ISTINBATH Law Journal published by the Faculty of Sharia Islamic Institute (IAIN) Metro. Istinbath Law Journal published an effort to socialize scientific study in the form of studies and the results of the research articles related to Islamic law and the law either pure law. Never apply for accreditation in 2016.
Secretariat ISTINBATH Law Journal Home Journal IAIN address at the Metro, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, 15 A procession Mulyo, Metro City. International Standard Serial Number (P-ISSN) istinbath Law is 1829-8117 and Electronic International Standard Serial Number (E-ISSN) istinbath Law Journal is 2527-3973
Address Open Journal Systems (OJS) ISTINBATH Law Journal in September 2016 experienced a change of be , It is caused by several applications at the beginning of OJS address damage due to exposure to the virus. Then, as of February 2, 2017 due to the effects of migration to Transfer Status STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro be IAIN Metro.
ISTINBATH Management Law Journal facilitated by the Faculty of Sharia IAIN Metro properly, this indicator can be seen from the facilities owned by istinbath Law Journal. Among the facilities are separate offices, courtrooms, computers connected to the Internet 24 hours, a comfortable work space, and ATK adequate.
Vision, Mission, and Goals
Law Journal istinbath vision is "To be one of the main references in the field of academic study of law, both nationally and internationally." This vision is periodically and will be achieved step by step. This can be seen from the development istinbath Law Journal of publications to the next issue.
Mission istinbath Journal of Law is "As enlightenment media law studies in solving problems of social, political, and religious." Knitted sake knitted istinbath mission to bring the Law Journal recorded in every edition published. The themes used in each edition reflects a commitment to search for a solution of the humanitarian dimension of the dynamics of social, political, and keagaman.
Publishing the journal more intended to safeguard the institution's commitment to the knowledge acquired, so that publishing the journal more of an effort to improve the institutional image.