MILRev : Metro Islamic Law Review 

Journal title MilRev: Metro Islamic Law Review
Initials MILRev
Editor-in-chief Retanisa Rizqi, S.H., M.H
Managing Editor Dr. Sakirman, M. S.I.
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Online ISSN  2986-528X
Publisher Fakultas Syariah IAIN Metro 
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MILRev Is a scientific law journal with a focus on studies in the field of Islamic law, starting from fiqh, fatwa, or qanun (laws, shari'ah regional regulations, compilations of Islamic laws). The aim is to develop knowledge in the field of Islamic law, in order to be able to respond to the needs of the wider community for scientific and contemporary Islamic law studies. This journal is intended for academics, researchers, and practitioners, who conduct research on Islamic law, both normative (library) and empirical (socio-legal) research. This journal is published twice a year; and involves editorial teams, reviewers, and writers from within and outside the country.

Vision: To become one of the main and leading reference journals in the field of Islamic law studies in the world.

Mission: facilitating the need for publication media for various kinds of research in the field of Islamic law, so that it can accommodate and disseminate original and new ideas related to the development of scientific insights in the field of Islamic law.

Purpose: Publishing the journal is intended to maintain the institution's commitment to scientific development in related fields, so the publication of the journal MILRev: Metro Islamic Law Review is more of a concrete step to improve the good image of the institution.