Author Guidelines


The paper sent to our redaction will be considered for publication with the following criteria:

1.    The article must be scientific, either based on the empirical research or conceptual ideas. The content of the article have not published yet in any journal, and should not be submitted simultaneously.
2.    The article is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English in a B5-sized paper for about 15-18 pages. It uses Book Antiqua font, single spaceand  size 11.
3.    Article must be in the range between 15-20 pages, including title, abstract, keywords, and bibliography.
4.    Article consists of the various parts: i.e. title, the author’s name(s) and affiliation(s), abstract (200-250 words), keywords (maximum 5 words), introduction, result and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.
5.    The reference uses footnote consisting author’s name, publication year, title, publication city, publication’s name, and page.
a.       Reference from books: author’s name, title (italic), (publication city: publication’s name, year of publication), edition/page.
For example:
1.  Mahmud Yunus, Sejarah Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia, (Jakarta: Hidakarya Agung, 1996), h. 117-121.
2. Wahbah az-Zuhailî al-Fiqh al-Islâmî wa Adillatuh, (Damaskus: Dâr al-Kutub, 2005), V/h. 23.
b.      Reference from journal: author’s name, title, journal name, (italic), (publication city: publication’s name), Volume, Number, page.
For example:
1.Nirwan Syarfin, “Konstruksi Epistimologi Islam: Telaaah Bidang Fiqih dan Ushul Fiqih” dalam ISLAMIA,(Jakarta: Institut  for the Study Islamic Thought and Civilization [INSIST] dan Penerbit Khairul Bayan,) No. 5/ April-Juni 2005, h. 45-46.
c.       Paper: author’s name, title, year, page.
For example:
1.Ulil Absar Abdalla, “MetodePemahaman Islam Liberal”, Makalah dalam diskusi IIIT-Indonesia pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2002. h. 4.
d.      Newspaper/magazine: author’s name, title, newspaper’s name, date, page.
For example:
1. Ahmad Syahid, Nestapa Petani Singkong, dalam Lampung Post, 20 Februari 2016, h. 4.
If from website, there should be like the following:
1.“Kampus Hijau menjawab Tantangan Modernitas” www.lampungpost. com pada 29 Februari 2010 diakses pada 23 Maret 210.
e.       Documents of Act (Undang-undang): Act, Number of Act, year, about, chapter, verse.
For example:
1. Undang-Undang Nomor 1 tahun 1974 tentang Perkawinan Pasal 34 ayat 1.
f.       From Internet: author’s name, title, web address, date of access.
For example:
1. Imam Mustofa, Memahami Nikah Siri, dalam,diunduh pada 29 Februari 2010.
g.      Al-Quran: Surah’s name and verse.
For example:
1. Surat al-Baqarah ayat 167.
h.      Citation from the same source in the same page uses Ibid. If in the different page, use ibid. p. (write the page which is cited).
For example:
1. Mahmud Yunus, Sejarah Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia, (Jakarta: Hidakarya Agung, 1996), h. 117-121.
3. Ibid., h. 134.
i.        Next refference from the same source, but interspersed by a foot note, use the author’s name and two words from the title.
For example:
1. Mahmud Yunus, Sejarah Pendidikan Islam di Indonesia, (Jakarta: Hidakarya Agung, 1996), h. 117-121.
2.Muhammad Abed Al-Jabiri, Syuro, Tradisi, Partikularitas, Universalitas (Yogyakarta: LKiS, 2003), cet I, h. 18.
3.Mahmud Yunus, Sejarah Pendidikan..., h. 134.
In addition to the title of the article, the title page contains the name of the author, the name and address of the author's institution, and footnotes that contain the author's address, contact number and email.
Abstract is written in English. It contains the introduction of the issue, method, result and discussion. It also attaches 3-5 keywords.
The literature review (would be better if the research finding is not latest than ten years) and novelty of the article; scope and limitation of the problem discussed; and the main argumentation of the article.
Subtitles are written in the format of A, B, C, D and so forth.; the sub-subtitles are written in the format of 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth.
This section contains conclusions from the discussions that have been carried out and are not a summary of writing.
The references should be included at the end of the article and arranged alphabetically in which the author's last name is placed in the front. For example, Chodjim, Achmad, Syekh Siti Jenar:  Makna Kematian, Jakarta: Serambi, 2002.
Rereference management uses Zotero, use Chicago Manual Style 16th Edition. Cite international and national journals.
Submit article through Ath-Athriq website or via E-mail