Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics Statement

The Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management published by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LP2M) State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Metro.

The secretariat of Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management at IAIN Metro, Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, 15 A Iring Mulyo, Metro City, Lampung Indonesia. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is 2809-2430  The Multazam Hajj and Umrah Management Thoughts is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in scientific publication in the reviewers, authors, editors, and publishers.

Editor’s Responsibility

  1. Multazam Journal Editor is in charge of deciding the articles decent to The editors are escorted by the editorial board policy. The editors are also restricted by applicable laws regarding libel, copyright infringement and plagiarism.
  2. In the process of review of Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management and decision-making of publication of the article, the editorial team toughly commit to not distinguish to positions, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or political ideology.
  3. Editors and editorial team are strongly prohibitedto leak information about the manuscript or article that goes in to the others than the author, reviewer, another advisor who is in the editorial board, or the publisher.
  4. Unpublished manuscript after submission is not allowed to be used by research editor without written permission from the author. Any information obtained from the reviewer will not be used for private purposes editor.
  5. Editors should be fair and free from commercial bias consideration when giving a decision in accordance peer-review process.

Responsibilities of Reviewers

  1. Reviewers assist the editor in making editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts or articles
  2. Reviewers must look at every script that makes a confidential document, so it is not allowed to discuss with other parties except with permission from the editor.
  3. Reviewers are fully with the article recommendations that will be reviewed
  4. The script Review is done objectively, and supported by clear arguments.
  5. Reviewers are also responsible of the citations, references and plagiarism on articles reviewed.
  6. Reviewers are committed and working hard to seek to improve the quality of the process and products of the review
  7. Reviewers could prove a special time to review activities
  8. Reviewers maintain the confidentiality of information about the review process and the information is not for personal gain.

 Responsibility of the Authors

  1. Authors must provide the results of thought or research articles that is clear, systematic, structured, honest, and free of plagiarism or manipulation of data.
  2. The author is responsible for any confirmation related to the article he wrote.
  3. Authors must follow the rules of publication of scientific papers which works originality, plagiarism-free, and has never been published in journals or other publications.
  4. The author is obliged to submit opinions or referrals from other people's work cited
  5. Authors are required to write a script or articles ethically, honestly and responsibly, in accordance with the rules of the applicable scientific writings.
  6. Authors are prohibited from sending or publishing the same article to more than one journal or publication media. Asking the same script on more than one journal or publications constitute unethical behavior in the publication of scientific papers and is not justified.
  7. The author is responsible if he/she finds significant errors in the text it self that has been published, it is the duty of the writer to immediately inform the journal editor or publisher. The author then cooperates with the editor to retract or correct the text.

  Responsibility of Publisher (Publisher)

  1. The Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management is a scientific periodical published by the Center for ​​Research and Community Service IAIN Metro as publishers of scientific journals have published articles responsibility through the editing stage, peer review, and layout in accordance with the applicable rules of scholarly Journal publication.
  2. The Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management is responsible for guaranteeing academic freedom for the editors and reviewers in carrying out their duties in accordance with their respective fields.
  3. The Multazam Journal of Hajj and Umrah Management responsible for maintaining the privacy and protection of intellectual property, copyright and editorial freedom.