Focus & Scope

Ath-Thariq: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi kindly invites scientists, scholars, researchers, as well as professionals in the field of Da’wa and Communication. The journal publishes high quality empirical and theoretical research covering all aspects of Da’wa and Communication. Sub themes and scope in the scientific publications of Ath-Thariq: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi include: 
  • Studies in the science of da’wa 
  • History of da’wa 
  • Philosophy of da’wa
  • Methodology of da’wa 
  • Management of da’wa 
  • Strategy for Islamic proselytizing 
  • Islamic global tourism
  • Islamic management and religious tourism 
  • Da’wa, especially in the analysis of social and psychological, Islamic counseling, and the relationship between da’wa and socio-cultural studies
  • Studies in communication science 
  • Political communication 
  • Development of communication 
  • Communication planning 
  • Communication and contemporary issues 
  • Communication management 
  • Communication science 
  • Media studies