Kisah Pembangkangan Iblis Dalam Alquran (Analisis Stilistika Kisah Alquran)

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Abdul Latif


This paper aims to show the stylistics of devil‟s disobedience story in Alquran. There are seven stories in seven chapters of Alquran which talk over devil‟s disobedience story. This stylistics  of  devil‟s  disobedience  narratives  is  analysed  by  the  observation  of  Alquran stories within stylistics frame. There were four stylistics which the writer found in this paper. First, the stylistics of this story used four exposure techniques, they were a story began by climax scene, a story began with no preface, a story described by human imagination involve, and a story with insertion of religiousness advices. Second, presentation of story‟s elements in this story served all of elements within a story, they were prominent figure, phenomenon, and dialogue. Third, there were three kinds of repetition happened in this story, they were a repetition of story line with the different character, a repetition of story with the different chronology, and a repetition of story with the different language style. Fourth, the art of story description in this story could arouse our mind and psychomotor.


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